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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Soy protein can cause cancer? Read on

Dear readers,

I'm beginning to get hooked up on the facts surrounding soy protein here! In actual fact, I've been taking this product for almost a year now, and I have full confidence on its safety. Let's see the facts:

Soy Protein: The MYTHS AND THE FACTS ( A conversation with Dr Brouse)

Dr Shaklee was one of the earliest researchers in soy in the US. He has found a way to separate soy using the cold water extraction technique.

This technique separate the protein from the raw soy bean and leave behind the enzymes containing the anti-tyrosine substance. It also gives you the best of soy including the phytoestrogens that inhibit breast cancer and prostate cancer.

When soy protein are cooked, some of the compounds de-nature and the amino acid substance will re-arrange themselves into something different (that might be toxic). This is called as the "Mallard" reaction

The occurrence of cancer are lowest among the Chinese and Japanese because they do not cook their soy and store them to eat later.  

The FACT: SHAKLEE DID THE RESEARCH ON SOY PROTEIN LONG BEFORE PEOPLE START TO TALK ABOUT THE BAD EFFECTS OF SOY. And Shaklee has found the most effective way of extracting soy protein to give the best health benefits. It is a method that is truly in harmony with nature!

The SEVEN Checklist of choosing the best soy protein

1..The beans must be organically grown: the use of modern fertilisers increase the amount of nitrate in crops and this may lead to increase chances of getting cancer!

2..The beans must not be genetically engineered. Choose non-GMO soy

3..The soy protein must be checked to confirm it contains all the 9 essential amino acids

4..The soy protein must be manufactured using water washed technique (and not alcohol washed technique as alcohol washed technique destroys up to 88% of the isoflavones)

5..The anti-thyroid / anti growth substance must be removed

6..The process must be without heat, as heat destroys the essential amino acids

7..The soy isolate must have added calcium since when the oil is removed, it becomes acidic food. Calcium helps to neutralise the acidity and prevent calcium lost through your bone

Some common / controversial questions on soy protein
Do soybeans cause cancer?
 "Overcooked" soy protein contains carcinogenic compounds (cancer causing compounds), so it best to avoid them

Is it true that soy protein is hard on the kidneys?
 In actual fact, animal protein are harder to digest than soy protein. However, it is best that a person not to consume more than 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily, especially in the absence of carbohydrates! (So, protein only dieting without carbs is actually bad for you)

I have breast cancer and I've been told to avoid soy....
It is true that soy is a "phyto-estrogen" food, but their estrogen strength isonly 1/1000th of the body's own estrogen. This weaker estrogen will help to block the estrogen receptor sites from receiving your body's own estrogen and therefore helps to protect you against cancer

Well, that's about it on soy protein, Very entertaining and enlightening facts I would say.


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